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This page explains the steps you need to take to prepare your computer for DCS flying with Master Arms.

Mandatory Steps

Download the correct DCS client

Install DCS on a SSD. Running DCS on a mechanical HDD is not a good experience. We are using the latest DCS client.

If you don't have DCS installed:

Get DCS here:

Configure DCS

  • Set Options / Gameplay / Easy Communication to OFF.
  • Set Options / Gameplay / Wake Turbulence to OFF.
  • Set Options / Gameplay / Labels to "NONE" (or press RShift + F10 in the game to toggle labels off). Alternatively, set labels "NETUTRAL DOT" AND install the MiniDotLabels mod.
  • Set Options / Misc / Battle Damage Assessment to OFF.
  • Set Options / Special / DCS-SRS / Show DCS Overlay by Default to OFF (or press LCtrl + LShift + ESC in the game to toggle SRS overlay off).

Download and configure Discord

The daily chatter, much of the mission planning and such happens on our Discord server. Please join and start interacting with the community.

Get Discord here:

  1. Connect to our server at:
  2. Say hello and present yourself in the #membership channel
  3. PTT (Push to talk) is required in most channels
  4. Under Settings/Notifications, un-tick the PTT Activate and PTT Deactivate sounds (for your own sanity's sake)

Download and configure SRS

SRS is an external software used for comms when flying, simulation radio communications more realistically.

Optional, highly recommended steps

Download Tacview

Tacview is an amazing, free software that let's you look through flights after you exit the mission. It's very useful for analyzing mistakes and learn from them.

Get TacView here:

Download Skatezilla's Launcher

This is more a quality-of-life thing than anything else, and it's entirely up to you if you want to use it. Skatezilla's app makes updating and launching DCS a little more hassle free and flexible, allowing you to keep multiple configurations (one for VR and one for screen for instance) and such.

Get Skatezilla's Launcher here: