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Intro Flight

The intro flight is a newcomer's first familiarization flight. Its purpose is mainly to make sure all technical things work, make the newcomer feel welcome, go through some radio stuff and have some fun. It's not that important to learn any particular skills during the flight. That can come later. However, during this flight, the following topics are briefly covered.

  • Cold start
  • Changing radio presets
  • Checking in
  • Basic formation flying
  • ARAK, Weapons Selector to ATTACK
  • Formation Takeoff (2-ship)
  • Fence In / Fence Out procedures
  • BRAA calls and Fox 2 Launch
  • "Fox" and "Splash" Calls
  • Attacking with ARAK
  • Straight-in Landing or Break

Basic Flying

Starting Up

  • Cold Start using Quickstart Checklist

Basic Navigation

  • Waypoint Navigation
  • Autopilot Att, Höjd


  • On-speed flying with correct Alpha
  • Overhead break (Approach in runway direction, 700 km/h IAS, 500m. Break over runway, enter downwind and turn short final at runway threshold)
  • Thrust reverse or aerodynamic braking

Basic Combat

Basic Air-To-Air

  • Radar to B-Scope or PPI
  • Fire Rb 24 or Rb 74 Sidewinder (~2-4 NM)

Basic Air-To-Ground

  • ARAK

Basic Defence

  • Drop Flares and Chaff
  • Evade enemy missile by putting it on your 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock (Evaluate in TacView)

Intermediate Navigation

  • Radar navfix
  • Visual navfix
  • Change waypoint to target waypoint

Intermediate Combat

Intermediate Air-To-Ground

  • Low drag pop-up dive bombing CCIP
  • High drag level bombing CCIP
  • Rb 04E
  • BK 90