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Master Arms is a community without formal leaders. The responsibilities shift around sometimes. The list below is meant to provide an overview of some of the people taking care of certain things at the moment.

  • Website and Forum - JackFlash
  • Dedicated Server - Ironsavior
  • Treasurer - Bejo
  • Discord Admins - Bankler, Ironsavior, JackFlash, JustinCase, Shiggan
  • New Member Onboarding - Bankler
  • IPs (hosting intro flights for new members) - Bankler, Ironsavior, JackFlash, JustinCase, Mags, Punch, Shiggan, Urist, Goofy, Johnny
  • Head mentor - Johnny
  • Mentors - Around 15 mentors (wearing the mentor tag in Discord)
  • Streamer - Apollo
  • Training Server Mission Maker - Bankler