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The Master Arms Carrier Qual (CQ) is intended to ensure that a pilot is skilled enough in CASE 1 recoveries to perform consistent safe landings.

How to train

  • Download and install Bankler's CASE 1 Recovery Trainer
  • Ask for advice and/or personal training in the #carrier-ops Discord channel.
  • When practicing, pay special attention to these things:
    • Do not extend downwind. Turn final right after you get the "Abeam" score and you're next to the carrier.
    • Be strict and disciplined with the setups before the turns. Be on on-speed at 600 ft and 1.2 nm abeam.
    • If you struggle with the above, extend your UPWIND, drastically. You may extend up to around 3.5-4.0 nm before turning. Give yourself enough distance/time to always hit the perfect abeam point, every single time. Starting the final turn from the wrong point might cause negative learning. Only when this feels easy, start decreasing the upwind distance.
    • Prefer being too high than too low, especially in the final parts of the pattern. Being too low will lower your score dramatically.
    • Be careful not to cut/decrease throttle and leave it there when about to touchdown. The script will identify it as a "Settle" and deduct score.
  • When you consistently get a 40+ score, and you're free from any habits of settling and extending downwind, you are ready for CQ!

How to qualify

  • Ask someone to act as LSO. It might be any member, but preferably someone who is already carrier qualified themselves.
  • CQ is flown on the Master Arms Dedicated Server, in which the running training mission includes Bankler's CASE 1 Recovery Trainer.
  • You may fly F/A-18C or F-14B.
  • Qualification requires 2/3 valid passes, where a valid pass requires 40+ points catching any wire, with no downwind extension nor ramp settling. For a pass to be valid, the pilot needs to perform a correct ball call on ch 1, e.g "401, Hornet ball, 4.6".
  • You may attempt as many times as you want.
  • If you successfully qualify, the LSO should let us know in Discord, stating score and grabbed wire for the best of the two valid passes.


  • A) Three attempts: 42 (2W), 31 (2W), 50 (1W) - Qualified with 50 (1W) being reported as the best valid pass.
  • B) Five attempts: 70 (3W), Bolter, 50 (1W Settled), 45 (2W), 41 (1W) - Qualified with 45 (1W) being reported as the best valid pass.
  • C) Seven attempts: 70 (3W), Bolter, Bolter, 70 (3W), 55 (2W Settled), 60 (3W Ext Downwind), 70 (3W) - Not qualified.

If you qualify

  • You will get your callsign in the Discord #carrier-quals channel, with your score and wire.


  • Unlike most other qualifications, the CQ list is reset in January every year, and you will need to re-qualify to be considered Carrier Qualified.