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Qualification for ATC, and subsequently AWACS, is done for getting controllers confident enough to refuse coffee spilling flybys, but more important, also to provide a reasonable level of immersion both to pilots and controllers. Unlike pilot Basic Qualification (which is not needed to participate in missions), it is encouraged that controllers are qualified before participating in a mission. As a controller, there is so much more you can screw up for so many more.


  • Give the controller knowledge about the role allotted, and confidence enough to execute it
  • Expand Master Arms pool of cunning ATC and AWACS able players

How to train

The qualification is divided, currently, into three consecutive steps:

  • AWACS Allocator

This means that a controller first gets checked out as GND/TWR controller, before moving on to the next step, AWACS CAP. This is to make the controller confident in systems, applications, procedures and radio comms. Preferably the controller will stay in one role for a while before moving up. There are three different syllabi, one per qualification.

How to qualify

  • Carefully go through the syllabus list per qual
  • A controller must be familiar with SRS, Discord and preferably also with LotATC, before a qualification starts. Master Arms has client logins for LotATC so you do not need to buy one
  • You will be allotted an examining instructor, probably one that has your desired qualification plus one
  • Just like with Basic Qualification, any person who is qualified themselves can act as an examining instructor. However, for the final qualification go/no-go decision, @apollo should be included
  • You will have to go through a few missions with both instructor talking and working, and then later you will take control with instructor overseeing
  • A simulated session will be conducted for the AWACS CAP level, for example with you controlling your instructor flying a radar-less fighter to intercept a target

If you qualify

After qual you can easily attend missions and trainings within your ranks.


ATC GND/TWR Syllabus

  • Study these Master Arms Wiki SOP chapters
  • Be confident about Master Arms airspace structures
  • Read the relevant parts in @Mink training doc
  • Watch APOLLO’s AWACS episode 1, 2 and 7
  • One mission/training-shift as GND, instructor controlling
  • One mission/training-shift as TWR, instructor controlling
  • Two mission/training-shift as ATC Kutaisi, student controlling
  • Two mission/training-shift as ATC Ramat David, student controlling

AWACS CAP Syllabus

  • Study Master Arms Wiki
    • SOP Mission procedures, including movie
    • Air-To-Air operations
    • Aviation guides Intercepts
  • Read the relevant part in @Mink training doc
  • Watch APOLLO’s AWACS episode 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Provide control for single fighter not using own radar (flown by instructor)
    • BRAA call exercise
    • BULLS call exercise
    • Intercept a drone/target
  • One mission/training-shift as AWACS CAP with instructor controlling
  • Two mission/training-shift as AWACS CAP student controlling

AWACS Allocator Syllabus

  • Qualified ATC
  • Qualified AWACS CAP
  • At least 4 missions as qualified AWACS CAP
  • Two missions as AWACS Allocator with instructor controlling
  • One mission as AWACS Allocator student controlling