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TL;DR version

  • For Hornets (and maybe now even working with Tomcats?), spawn the first 5-6 aircraft normally.
  • For the following ones, select a slot and go back and forth between that slot and “back to spectators” until you spawn cold on a cat.
  • If you started on a cat, startup and move from the spawn point to the sixpack to allow additional Hornets to spawn.
  • In the end of the article, there are funky tricks on how to avoid deck sliding.


The carrier spawning is very limited, especially in multiplayer, only allowing you to spawn 5-6 aircraft. There is a fallback system that lets you spawn additional cold aircraft on the catapults. Unfortunately it’s bugged, making it unintuitive how to use it.

Why would you like to spawn cold? Well, it’s bad ass to see a whole package of 16-ish jets getting ready on the deck, hearing the engines starting etc. It’s simply a great way to kick off the squadron mission night.

Detailed instruction

Carrier Spawning

Let’s say we are 12 Hornets in three flights (Alpha11-14, Bravo21-24 and Charlie31-34) that want to start cold. Follow this procedure:

  1. Assign a spawn coordinator. In this example, you are the coordinator.
  2. Keep everyone in the same voice channel for now. You will need to tell them what to do and when.
  3. Unpause the server.
  4. Tell Alpha11 to spawn. He’ll spawn on elevator 2 (starboard side).
  5. When Alpha 11 is in, tell Alpha12 to spawn, then 13 and 14. Elevator 2 (starboard side) and 4 (port side) are now filled.
  6. Spawn in Bravo21. He’ll come in on elevator 3 (starboard side, behind the tower).
  7. Spawn in Bravo22. Now things are getting interesting... Sometimes he’ll end up on elevator 3. Sometimes he gets “Your flight is delayed”. If he’s okay, the next aircraft (Bravo23) will most definitely get “delayed” though. It doesn’t matter much.
  8. From now on, all players will always get “Your flight is delayed”. They should then press Back to spectators, then try the same exact slot again (do not attempt switching to another flight). Usually they spawn in on attempt 2, sometimes a few more attempts are needed. Continue spawning one aircraft at a time until all four cats are occupied. The guys spawning on the cats should not do the full startup. Just have them start the engines, and then asap in an orderly fashion taxi from the cat and park on the “sixpack” (that’s the parking slots behind Cat 2) and complete their setups over there.
  9. After the cats have been vacated, spawn in four more aircraft. Same thing here, “Flight is delayed”, always, but just keep go Back to spectators and pick the same slot again. It will work. Taxi them to the sixpack. Rinse and repeat.