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The intro flight is a newcomer's first familiarization flight. Its purpose is mainly to make sure all technical things work, make the newcomer feel welcome, go through some radio stuff and have some fun. It's not that important to learn any particular skills during the flight. That can come later. This article describes the content of the sortie. A newcomer is welcome to practice any moments before, but there is no requirement nor expectation to do so.

However, all newcomers are expected to have gone through the Technical Checklist carefully, before the flight. This step is important. You're more than welcome to ask for help if you have any issues following the guide, but please don't ignore any of the mandatory steps.

Brief description of the sortie



  • Meet up on Discord
  • Make sure Discord and SRS works, including all three PTT buttons (Discord and SRS Radio 1 VHF AM, and Radio 2 UHF)
  • The 1 minute version of what MA is and what we do
  • Briefing. Quickly go over what we will do in the flight and look at the map.
  • Set up "kneeboard folder" and add Comms_C-kneeboard located to the right.


  1. Disable Labels
  2. Go through Startup Startup
    • Loadout: AN/AAQ-28, AN/ALQ-184, 1150rsd CM, 2xMk-82 LD,2xAGM-65D
  3. Tower channel check-in (Report “2!”)
  4. Go through/Perform VFR Section Takeoff
  5. Tac channel check-in (Report “2!”)
  6. Fly to WP2 via WP 1 and "Exit north", Go through/practice formation flying and "buddyspike" calls (“Buddyspike, angels 12!”).
  7. Go through Fence In/Out procedures and Fence In at WP2.
  8. Fly to WP3, Go through/practice "Rifle" and "Splash"/BDA calls.
  9. Find targets at WP4 using TGP (Slew to SPI WP4) and engage with AGM-65D (Report “Rifle!" and "Splash”)
  10. Drop bombs on target at WP4 (Report “2, Winchester air-to-ground!”)
  11. Fence out (Report “2, fenced out, [fuelstate]!”)
  12. Go through on-speed flying
  13. Tower channel check-in (Report “2!”)
  14. Straight-in (or overhead break at 1500’) and land


  • Short debriefing, going through what we just did and how it went. Some pointers on how to continue.
  • Invitation to Discord Rookie-group