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Consistency and tags

  • We strongly encourage you to wear the [MA] tag in your DCS multiplayer name. The official (and only accepted) format is [MA] whitespace callsign. For instance: [MA] Brisket, [MA] Porkboy.
  • For Members (i.e pilots that have flown the intro flight), wearing the tag is not required, but encouraged and expected. Wearing the tag is a gesture of respect and gratitude towards the group and the people who make it run. Think of it like a football jersey: Unless there's a good reason for it, showing up for practice without one isn't respectful to the team nor the coach.
  • If you for instance fly with us sometimes, but have a stronger bond with another DCS community, it's fine if you choose to not wear it. But please don't skip it because of laziness.
  • For the name on Discord and on the website, only use the callsign (without the tag).
  • Do not use different callsigns on website/Discord/DCS, as this will be very confusing for others.
  • On other Discord servers, if you want to represent the community, feel free to use the "[MA] Callsign" format if you want.


  • We use 2 different comms solutions (SRS and Discord), depending on the situation. Please make sure they all work.
  • Use PTT (push-to-talk). Do not use voice-activation.
    • You can make an exception from this during training, if you're in an Instruction channel in Discord (they don't require PTT), AND you are instructing or you're being instructed (don't use the channels for anything else).
    • Never use any 3:rd party software to bypass the enforced PTT settings in Discord.


The core activity in Master Arms are Training Tuesdays and Mission Thursdays events.


  • To participate on an event, you should sign up on the website before the event. To sign-up, you need to be logged in, and specify what aircraft you plan to fly in the form.
  • Try not to wait until the last second. The earlier you commit, the easier it will be for the organizer to make it a good event.
  • If you have signed up but realize you can't make it (happens to all of us sometimes), please
    • A) Unregister on the event (you press a button, and get an email with un unregister-link), and
    • B) Message and tag the organizer (and your flight lead) in Discord, letting them know.
  • Be on Discord voice on the time stated on the event page. If you're running late, message the organizer and your flight lead.


  • Do not change the aircraft sidenumber.
  • On missions, do not change the aircraft skin.
  • On training missions:
    • As a general rule, keep the skin that is already set, unless there's a reason to change it.
    • As a member of another flight, only change skin if your flight lead instructs you to.
    • As a single ship, you may pick any skin you like.


  • There's no requirement to participate X number of events per month.
  • However, especially if you have been assigned a mentor, you are expected to be communicative about your ambitions. If you are pausing your DCS activity, please let your mentor know, so that someone else can take your place.
  • Our interest in helping you out with mentor training, comes from a wish to have you participate in Master Arms events and complete your Basic Qualification. If you don't imagine yourself participating much, you should let us know, so that we can focus our training efforts on those who do.
  • If we send you a PM in Discord, we expect you to reply.
  • Only members who have flown an intro flight are allowed to fly by themselves on the server. Any member may bring a guest (who has not completed an intro flight), taking responsibility for this person's actions and behavior. Don't share the server password to anyone without making this clear.