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The responsibilities shift around sometimes. The list below is meant to provide an overview of some of the people taking care of certain things at the moment.

Admin Duties

  • Website Admin - JackFlash
  • Server Admin - Ironsavior, JackFlash, Jinx, Bankler, Mags
  • Discord Admin - Bankler, Ironsavior, JackFlash, Justin Case, Shiggan
  • Treasurer - Goofy
  • New Member Onboarding - Bankler
  • Instructor Pilot (IP) - Bankler, JackFlash, Justin Case, Mags, Shiggan, Urist, Goofy, Johnny, Jasnisse, Leka, DeadGun, Ulvar, Pahi
  • Training Officer (TO) - Blichten, Deadgun_SWE, Urist, Troll, Arco
  • Training Deputy (TD) - Around 20 training deputies
  • Head mentor - Deadgun_SWE
  • Mentor - Around 20 mentors
  • Streamer - Apollo
  • Training Server Mission Maker - Bankler, Leka, DeadGun

Admin Duties explained

  • Website Admin - Takes care of the website
  • Server Admin - Takes care of updating, restarting and administrating the DCS and SRS servers
  • Discord Admin - Administrates and moderates the Discord server
  • Treasurer - Goofy
  • New Member Onboarding - Picks up initial contact with new community members
  • Instructor Pilot (IP) - Hosting intro flights for new members
  • Training Officer (TO) - Ensures there are relevant training session for a certain aircraft type
  • Training Deputy (TD) - Around 20 training deputies (wearing the TD:s tag in Discord)
  • Head mentor - Directs the mentors
  • Mentors - Takes on rookies to guide them through the first months of flying
  • Streamer - Produces live video of the events on Youtube
  • Training Server Mission Maker - Creates and updates the training mission that normally run on the DCS server 24/7

Community member types

  • Guest: Upon entering Discord, having presented yourself and confirmed you can communicate by direct messages in Discord, you are given the "Guest" status, and we unlock nearly all channels.
  • Member: After having completed the Intro Flight you are given the "Member" status. You are now free to fly on your own in our servers.
  • Core Member: After participation in at least 3 official training events and at least 3 mission events, as well as having completed the Basic Qualification and proven that you are an active contributing member, you are given the "Core Member" status. You now get access to an otherwise hidden Discord channel, in which certain community decisions are being taken.