A-10C Warthog Syllabus

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Basic Section

Basic Flying

Starting Up

  • Cold Start using Quickstart Checklist

Basic Navigation

  • Airport Charts
  • Waypoint Navigation
  • TACAN Navigation
  • Using TAD page to find wingman
  • HSI
  • Autopilot PATH, ALT/HDG, ALT-hold
  • Standard Climb
  • Waypoint Handling via HOTAS
  • CDU handling
    • Creating waypoints in CDU
  • TAD handling
    • Bullseye usage, reading position
    • Hook points of interest
    • Sharing SPI
  • HMCS handling
    • Set SPI
    • Set Markpoint
    • Hook points of interest
  • BRA calls
  • Formation flying
    • Transition between formations

Basic Landing

  • Configure aircraft for landing.
    • Flaps full below 200 kts IAS.
    • Get on speed AoA before touching down.
    • Speedbreak on touchdown if needed, nose wheel steering below 50 kts
  • Overhead break
    • Approach in runway direction, 250 kts IAS, 1500'. Break over runway. Keep throttle settings trough the turn. Enter downwind and land as explained above.
  • Traffic Pattern Touch'n'Go Practice
    • Climb to 1500', turn downwind to end up ~1.5 NM from course line, turn final and descend when runway is about 45° over your sholder you.

Basic Mission Procedures

  • Checking in
  • Fence In / Fence Out procedures
  • Changing radio presets
  • Jettison Settings
  • Joker/Bingo Settings
  • Formation Takeoff (2-ship)

Basic Combat

Basic Air-To-Ground

  • GAU-8/A Avenger Cannon
  • General Purpose Dumb Bombs in CCIP-mode (Mk 82, Mk 83, Mk 84)
  • Unguided rockets
  • Configure aircraft for air-to-air
    • Finding threat and acquiring good missile tone
  • TGP-modes.
    • TV, W-HOT, B-HOT, Point track, Area track, Laser designation
  • Maverick deployment
  • Laser-Rocket deployment
    • Find Target in TGP.
    • Self lase or buddy lase
  • Setting up laser guided munition DSMS
    • Deploy laser guided munitions via self lase or buddy lase
  • Setting up GPS guided munition in DSMS
    • Deploy GPS guided munition on SPI

Basic Air-To-Air

  • Configure aircraft for air-to-air.
  • Finding threat and acquiring good missile tone.

Basic Defence

  • Drop Flares and Chaff in Semi-Auto mode
  • Reading RWR

Advanced Section

Aerial Refueling

    • Use radio menu to contact correct tanker
    • Locate and form up on tanker's left wing (echelon left formation)
    • Hooking up and receiving fuel, straight and through turns
    • Moving to right side after refueling (echelon right formation)

Advanced flying

Advanced Navigation

  • Flightlead
    • Comms
  • ILS
  • IFR

Advanced Combat

  • Firing multiple Maverick in one pass
    • Create markpoint via TGP. Cycle mark points via HOTAS and deploy one AGM-65 on each markpoint
  • Deploy multiple JDAM in one pass
    • Create markpoint via TGP. Cycle mark points via HOTAS and deploy one bomb on each markpoint
  • CAS