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Intro Flight

The Intro Flight is a newcomer's first familiarization flight. Its purpose is mainly to make sure all technical things work, make the newcomer feel welcome, go through some radio stuff and have some fun. It's not that important to learn any particular skills during the flight. That can come later. However, during this flight, the following topics are briefly covered.

  • Cold start
  • Programming radio presets
  • Checking in
  • Screen management/SOI (Sensor of Interest)
  • Weapon Configuration (Setting up DSMS-program)
  • SPI-management (Sensor Point of Interest)
  • CDU-setup
  • HOTAS-functionality
  • Formation Takeoff (2-ship)
  • Fence In / Fence Out procedures
  • Pickle Calls
  • Firing Mavericks
  • Dropping Dumb Bombs
  • Gun runs
  • Straight-in Landing

Basic Flying

Starting Up

  • Cold Start using Quickstart Checklist

Basic Navigation

  • Waypoint Navigation
  • TACAN Navigation
  • Using TAD page to find wingman
  • HSI
  • Autopilot PATH, ALT/HDG, ALT-hold
  • Standard Climb


  • Configure aircraft for landing.
    • Flaps full below 200 kts IAS.
    • Get on speed AoA before touching down.
  • Landing (With proper AoA, speed breaks on touch down if needed, nose wheel steering below 50 kts)
  • Traffic Pattern Touch'n'Go Practice (climb to 1500', turn downwind to end up ~1.5 NM from course line, turn final and descend when runway is about 45° over your sholder you.)
  • Overhead break (Approach in runway direction, 250 kts IAS, 1500'. Break over runway. Keep throttle settings trough the turn. Enter downwind and land as explained above)

Basic Combat

Basic Air-To-Ground

Basic Defence

  • Drop Flares and Chaff in Semi-Auto mode
  • Reading RWR

Basic Air-To-Air

  • Configure aircraft for air-to-air.
  • Finding threat and acquiring good missile tone.

Aerial Refueling

  • Use radio menu to contact correct tanker
  • Locate and form up on tanker's left wing (echelon left formation)
  • Hooking up and receiving fuel, straight and through turns
  • Moving to right side after refueling (echelon right formation)

Intermediate Navigation

  • Waypoint Handling via HOTAS
  • Creating waypoints in CDU
  • BRA calls
  • Bullseye usage
    • Reading Bullseye positioning on TAD
    • Hook points of interest in TAD
  • Sharing SPI with wingman

Intermediate Combat

Intermediate Air-To-Ground

  • Setting up laser guided munition in DSMS.
    • Deploy laser guided munitions via self lase or buddy lase.
  • Setting up GPS guided munition in DSMS.
    • Deploy laser guided munition on SPI.
  • Firing multiple Mavericks in one pass.
    • Create mark points via TPG. Cycle mark points via HOTAS and deploying one AGM-65 on each mark point.
  • JTAC communications and 9-Line calls.